Easy Lentil  Soup Recipe

Discover the warmth of Scottish Lentil Soup, a family favorite perfect for chilly days. Infused with the rich flavor of smoked pork hocks and a clear broth, it's a delightful blend of tradition and taste.

Dive into a hearty mix of carrots, turnips, leeks, and red lentils. Enhanced with a ham base and fresh parsley, this soup is both filling and nutritious. Don't forget the crusty rolls on the side!

– Smoked Pork Hocks – Carrots – Turnip – Leeks – Vegetable bouillon cubes – Ham soup base – Red lentils – Diced ham – Baby potatoes – Fresh parsley – Garlic powder – Black pepper


Did you know? A turnip in Scotland is a rutabaga in the U.S. Turnips in America are a completely different veggie!  No matter which you have access to, both can add a unique touch to this delicious soup.

Boil your ham hocks in a large pot for 90 minutes, keeping them covered with water. Remove the ham hocks & skim off any fat layer on the top.


Start adding the veggies!  You'll put in the carrots & turnips/rutabaga first and simmer for a bit.


Add your leeks and cook for a bit longer. Pro tip: Clean & chop all your veg before you start cooking so you aren't stuck in the hot kitchen.


Make up your stock if using store-bought cubes/base. Check the post for our favourites.   If using homemade, add your own veggie & ham stock.


Add your lentils and cook until they soften. Toss in the ham & potatoes. After the potatoes are about done, add your seasonings & cook for another 10 minutes.


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