Earl Grey  Tea Bombs

These Earl Grey Tea Bombs are the best way to get your warm drink fix.   They're also great for people who don't drink coffee or hot chocolate beverages!

Whether you want to give them as a gift or just treat yourself, these are sure to make anyone's day better.

Earl Grey Tea Bomb Recipe


15 minutes

2 Tea Bombs



Isomalt – Early Grey tea bags – Sweetener of choice – Dried lavender

Melt isomalt per the directions on the package until completely melted. Add about ¼ of the melted isomalt to a mold cavity, using your spoon to press the isomalt up and around the edges of the mold.  Repeat with 3 additional molds.

Put the filled molds into the freezer for 5 minutes to harden. Remove the filled molds from the freezer and gently peel the mold away from the isomalt half-spheres.

Place a tea bag into two of the isomalt half-spheres, leaving the tag of the tea bomb hanging out. Add 1 tbsp of the lavender blossoms into each of the tea bomb halves with the tea bags.

Heat a plate in the microwave until it’s hot to the touch, turn an empty isomalt shell over and rub the flat edge of the isomalt shape onto the bottom of the plate until it just starts to melt.

Immediately place the slightly melted isomalt half on top of an isomalt half-shell with a tea bag inside. 

When you're ready to drink your tea, simply place the tea bomb into your mug, then pour hot water over it. The tea bomb will melt and the tea bag will steep. To make into a London Fog, simply add 2 ounces of warm, sweetened milk.

Print the recipe from midwestmodernmomma.com