Heart-Shaped Cherry Hand Pies

Looking for a fun but simple treat? These delicious mini cherry pies are so easy to make!

Make these cherry hand pies heart-shaped to celebrate Valentine's Day!

Cherry Hand Pies


40 minutes

8-10 pies


– Pie crust – Cherry pie filling – Egg – Milk – White Sparkling Sugar


Using a 3 1/2″ heart-shaped cookie cutter, you should get 8-10 pies from 1 box of crusts. Cut as many hearts as you can get re-rolling scraps as needed.

Mix together the egg and milk to make an egg wash. Place half of the hearts on your baking sheet. Use egg wash to wet the edges of the hearts.

Place a small amount of the pie filling in the center of each. Make a small x cut in the center of the remaining half of the hearts.

Place an x heart on top of each filled heart and press and crimp edges. Brush sealed pie with egg wash and dust with sparkling sugar.

Bake until crust is browned. Allow to cool.


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