Heard of Google Web Stories but cannot face the idea of learning another new thing? We can help!

We've been providing web stories to clients for over 18 months with great results!

Why Should I Create Google Web Stories?

Unlike Insta stories & reels, web stories can provide long-term, consistent traffic!

And we are seeing a correlation between web stories & increased overall Google traffic!

I firmly believe that Google is rewarding sites that make Web Stories consistently.

Results from Publishing Google Web Stories

This client made one story back in May and saw no results on the story. Her Google discover had been zero prior to that story but she started seeing trickles from it in her Search Console throughout the summer.

During August, she hired us to do a set of 30 web stories for her. The first four didn't appear to do anything, but within 24 hours of publishing our 5th story her clicks from Google discover jumped.

She's now had 4 stories go viral, driving large amounts of traffic to her site suddenly, but more importantly, she sees consistent traffic from the web stories to content on her site!

This site made two stories in March of 2021 and saw no results. They had single discover traffic when we did a set of web stories in August/September.

The third story actually went viral 3 days after posting & they've had 4 go viral since then.

They credit web stories to their overall increase in organic traffic & ad revenue.

Even after pausing new story creation for almost 3 months, they are still seeing consistent traffic from old stories. And their first couple of web stories started generating traffic after about 25-30 stories were published.

What Content Should I Make Stories For?

We've had success with Google Web Stories for organization, health, essential oils, housekeeping/cleaning, crafts, DIY's, and even parenting posts.

Food/recipes are the most common stories & they even appear in their own section of search on mobile, so they are highly recommended for food bloggers!


15 Web Stories

  • 3-4 Web Stories posted per week or 15 per month
  • Each story will have 7-12 slides


30 Web Stories

  • 6-7 Web Stories posted per week or 30 per month
  • Each story will have 7-12 slides


Custom Template

  • Initial plug-in set-up
  • 3 templates (7-12 slides each) set up in the backend of your WordPress site, customized to your branding

$250 one-time fee

How to Get Started

If you are ready to get the most out of Google Web Stories, contact us today!

I will need access to your Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and an editor login on your website.

I will use a combo of your data and google trends to make stories using your existing content.