Crockpot Breakfast & Other Quick Breakfast Ideas

crockpot breakfast recipes

My boys sleep a good 10-11 hours a night, so their bodies need fuel first thing in the morning. However, I am not a morning person. I firmly believe breakfast is very important, but I bounce off the walls in the morning…because I'm too tired to keep my eyes open and run right into them. In order to make sure they (and I) get off to a good start every day, I have a couple of quick breakfast ideas we use on a regular basis.  I also put my crockpot to good use overnight!

Fruit smoothies

Smoothies are quick & easy, especially if you prep everything the night before.  We keep bags of frozen fruit in the freezer, yogurt frozen in ice cube trays, and have our favorite add-ins, like chia & flax seeds. Check out some of our favorite smoothie recipes!

Egg sandwich

Instead of hitting the drive-thru, make your egg sandwiches.  You can either make them the right before & store them in the fridge or make up large batches & freeze the entire sandwich.  We love adding veggies & cheese to the eggs when cooking them and serving them on English muffins.

Yogurt with granola and fruit

Yogurt is very nutritious, but it isn't very filling on its own.  Add granola (or cereal) along with some fresh fruit for a quick and healthy breakfast. Try to stick to REAL yogurt and pay attention to the sugar content.  We love to make our own with the yogurt maker!

Breakfast in the Crockpot

Are you fighting the breakfast battle? What are some of your favorite quick and easy breakfast ideas?

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