Vanilla Sugar Scrub with Orange Essential Oil

Prefer to make your own body products or looking for a handmade gift idea?  Try this Vanilla Sugar Scrub with Orange Essential Oil!  It's sure to please your senses and your skin! Making homemade beauty products is one of my favorite things to do and homemade sugar scrubs are a special favorite.  They make your skin feel so soft by removing dead skin cells, add moisture to your skin, can smell absolutely amazing, and are easy to customize. Sugar scrubs are much cheaper to make at home than to purchase, plus you control the ingredients!

Vanilla Sugar Scrub with Orange Essential Oil

Awaken your senses when you give this Vanilla Sugar Scrub with Orange Essential Oil a try! While it looks like something sold at a pricey boutique, this is actually a scrub you can easily make in your own kitchen. You only need a few ingredients, and the end result is perfect to enjoy yourself or to give as a gift. Here is how to get started making your own.

Vanilla Sugar Scrub with Orange Essential Oil

Supplies needed:

  • 2 cups white sugar
  • ½ cup coconut oil
  • 5-7 drops of orange essential oil
  • 2-3 drops of vanilla extract

Note: You can alter this vanilla sugar scrub with orange recipe depending on your own likes or dislikes. For example, if you want a smoother scrub, add more coconut oil. If you want a coarser scrub, add more sugar. You can also alter the amount of orange oil and extract you use depending on your own scent preferences.

Vanilla Sugar Scrub Recipe


  1. Begin by mixing the sugar and coconut oil in a bowl. A good old wooden spoon will do the trick! Just put plenty of elbow grease into it to grind the ingredients well. If you wish, you can use a food processor.
  2. Add in the orange essential oil and vanilla extract. Continue to mix and blend until the sugar scrub is the consistency you wish.
  3. Store the vanilla orange sugar scrub in a glass jar with lid to keep it fresh.
  4. To use your vanilla orange sugar scrub, just apply it to wet skin in a circular motion and rinse.

Coconut oil is a staple at my house.  We keep 2 jars in the kitchen (one refined for cooking at higher temps & one unrefined), one in the bathroom, and one in the bedroom. I use it for everything from making my own body products, cooking, homemade salves and lip balms, for personal care, and many other ways. Unlike many other oils, coconut oil is a solid at room temperature (except fractionated coconut oil, which is a liquid at room temp but doesn't have all the benefits of regular coconut oil)  so it may solidify on you.  I store my sugar scrubs in our bathroom window, so that the sun helps keep them soft.  If you don't have a warmer place to keep it, you can run the sealed jar under warm water for a couple minutes.

Vanilla Sugar Scrub with Orange Essential Oil

Using Your Vanilla Sugar Scrub

This is a very easy vanilla sugar scrub recipe to make & so great for your skin.  I use a sugar scrub on my entire body once a week during the warmer months and a couple times a week during the winter when my skin gets rough without assistance.  Not only does it exfoliate the dead skin away, the coconut oil moistures and softens your skin for a healthy glow.  Orange essential oil is often used for emotional balance and as a mood lifter. Combined with the vanilla extract and coconut oil, this homemade body scrub will help you start the day on the right foot! Interested in learning more about how to use essential oils, check out these 10 Reasons You Need to Start Using Essential Oils!

Use a mason jar with a pretty ribbon & homemade label for the perfect Mother's Day gift!

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  1. Danielle says:

    I love making my own scrubs! Thanks for sharing at Idea Box. 🙂

  2. That scrub sounds so good I’d be tempted to eat it 🙂

  3. Can you make this without the orange essential??

    • Savanah says:

      Zoe, you could leave it out or replace it with another essential oil you like. It will work the same as far as exfoliating & softening your skin, but won’t have the same scent or mood boost that the orange essential oil provides.

  4. How many jars does this recipe make?

    • Savanah says:

      Haley, it makes enough for 1 pint mason jar worth. If you are wanting to make it for friends or family, you can double or triple the recipe.

  5. Yvonne Turner says:

    Do you use solid or fractionated oil?

    • I use solid coconut oil, just warmed so it is easier to mix. As it thickens back up, it helps provide a thicker scrub. You could use fractionated coconut oil, but it will be runnier than shown.

  6. This looks great! How much does this recipe make? Also, how long does this stay goo until if you keep in a sealed jar-I’m thinking for DIY Christmas presents..

    • Emily, it makes enough for a pint sized mason jar. It will keep at room temp for about 2 months. I recommend using a dark glass jar or, if you use clear glass keeping it in a dark space.

  7. Can you use cane sugar instead of white?

    • Aly,

      Here white sugar is cane sugar/granulated sugar. You could also use raw cane sugar, although it will be a bit coarser & I wouldn’t use it more than once a week.

  8. Cathy Richmond says:

    Is this safe to use with a septic tank? Will it build up on the walls of the tank and cause problems?

    • Cathy,

      I have no experience with septic tanks, so I really couldn’t say. I tried to do a quick search and all I found was other people asking if other scrubs were safe to use with a septic system. I have no clue how they work or what is okay to put in the system. Comment #9 on this post talks about it, but I can’t tell which items they are concerned about. Maybe it can help you?

      Sorry I couldn’t be of more assistance!

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