The AlphaBeasts: Flika Review

With a house full of little boys who love learning but love playing even more, I'm always on the lookout for ways to teach them without them realizing that's what we're doing. When I came across Alphabeasts, I knew these cute little beasts were something I needed to get!

Right now, we're trying out Flika. As soon as I make sure I have my guys strapped into the car, the next step before getting myself settled is making sure Flika is near the older two. While they let the twins play with Flika, she is most definitely my second oldest son's precious friend! All of the pictures here are him with Flika, he didn't want to put her down long enough for me to take pictures and got upset when I wanted to pose her!

The only complaint from my oldest was the name Flika, so we put together a list of “F” names for girl beasts. It was determined that she's a girl because a boy beast most definitely would NOT be pink! And if you're a little boy, having to explain that to your mom will be accompanied by an eye roll. We tried for a few days to come up with a more suitable name, and then he decided that Flika was okay after all.

Even though I had heard about how great Alphabeasts were, I really wasn't expecting Flika to be anything more than a stuffed animal that the boys played with once in a while and then put down because they were bored and wanted something “fun” to play with. Instead, my boys play with her off and on every day, trying to come up with words that start with F.  It won't be long before they have thought of all of the F words that are appropriate for the 6 and under crowd, I'd better figure out which beasts need to come and live with us next!

Bring the Alphabeasts home for Christmas!

Right now, you get FREE shipping when you adopt 4 Alphabeasts!  Which beasts will you bring home first?

I was provided “Flika” free of charge in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and thoughts are my own (well, the boys pitch in too). Since we received Flika, we have already ordered 3 additional Alphabests as well as the ABC book set.

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