Why I Delete Pins and When You Shouldn’t

Earlier this year, I got slammed with messages on Facebook about a blogger that said you need to be deleting your pins on Pinterest. People wanted my thoughts on deleting pins and I was tempted to write this post then, but instead answered everyone … [Read more...]

Pinterest Tips & Tools for Bloggers

Pinterest isn't just my addiction; it's my job.  I manage Pinterest accounts for my own blogs and some amazing businesses.  When I first started using Pinterest for Midwest Modern Momma, I treated it the same as my personal account & pinned … [Read more...]

Pinterest Etiquette for Bloggers

Pinterest is probably my favorite website ever. It's my starting point for meal planning, where I go to find motivational quotes, my favorite place to find homeschool printables, and my go-to for parenting tips. It's also how I make my living. I … [Read more...]

Rich Pins for Articles in 3 Minutes or Less

Depending on how you found me, you may already know this: Pinterest isn't just my addiction; it's my job.  I run the Pinterest division for a social media management company, so memes like the one below pretty much apply to me...except I save the … [Read more...]