8 Health Benefits Of Carrots & Beets

Have you ever wondered if there really are any health benefits of carrots and beets?  You know, it is hard to force yourself to eat all your veggies, but you have always been told they are good for you.  These reasons that carrots and beets are … [Read more...]

10 Items Perfect For Composting Bins

Composting bins are a great way to get the nutrient rich soil your plants and flowers love and need. Composting is a simple backyard activity that basically involves tossing compost appropriate materials into a designated bin and stirring often until … [Read more...]

Eating Healthy on a Budget

Eating Clean. Real Food. Organic Foods. All important terms when you are considering a healthy diet. Clean Eating is the practice of eating foods with 5 or less ingredients in them. Real Foods are foods that are not processed and you know where they … [Read more...]

Bare Fruit Snacks: Cinnamon Apple Chips Review & Recipe

I was a little skeptical about how my children would feel about Bare Fruit, but I needn't have worried. The bag was grabbed so fast that I was only able to get the one picture. The snacks are good for you and they taste great. Dried fruit is an easy … [Read more...]