7 Must Have Homeschool Supplies Under $5

As you approach the choice of homeschooling your children you also face an unexpected occurrence that public schooling parents don’t often have to think about. The cost of homeschool supplies, books, curriculum and manipulatives used to help instruct … [Read more...]

10 Homeschool Books For New Homeschool Parents

I love finding great homeschool books, but I especially love finding ones that are perfect for helping out my new homeschooling friends.  Since I know how hard it can be to navigate this, in the beginning, this list is a great place to begin reading … [Read more...]

Rainbow Fish Homeschool Lesson Plan

I love finding a free homeschool lesson plan that fits easily into our routine.  Whether we are taking some time off and need a fun supplement, or I just want to mix things up a bit and get out of traditional books, homeschool lesson plans like this … [Read more...]

Summer Sensory Activities For Preschoolers

This summer, we have some amazing fun activities for preschoolers that will work all of their senses!  Whether your children have sensory struggles, or you simply want to grow their knowledge of different textures and feelings these are some fun ways … [Read more...]

Pond Themed Sensory Bin Idea

Have you ever tried out sensory bins with your little one? By little one, I mean anywhere from toddler to early elementary, because they are wonderful for a wide variety of ages.  They are simple to pull together  but give hours of entertainment, … [Read more...]

Easy Ways to Store Homeschool Materials

One of my personal biggest challenges with being a home school parent is where to put our materials so our living areas don’t look like a classroom 24/7.  I have found a few Easy Ways to Store Homeschool Materials that have helped me not only stay on … [Read more...]