Cookies and Cream Hot Cocoa Recipe

When temperatures start dropping, there is nothing better than this Cookies and Cream Hot Cocoa Recipe. This is one delicious winter beverage that everyone can agree on drinking! This cookies and cream white hot chocolate is on of my favorite things … [Read more...]

Strawberry Green Smoothie Recipe

This Strawberry Green Smoothie is a great way to increase your veggie intake first thing in the morning!  Simply blend, pour, and enjoy a nutritious green smoothie that tastes delicious!  … [Read more...]

Tummy Soothing Mint Tea

When someone at our house gets sick, the first thing I do is turn to my tea/herb cupboard. We try to save OTC and prescription meds for when we really need them so when all of the boys caught a gastro bug this week, I pulled out one of my favorites: … [Read more...]