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Kawaii Goodnites

We've been using cloth diapers since the twins were about 18 months, but for the last 2 months, I had switched back to disposables for bedtime.  I loved my pockets (and even the prefolds I said I would never use), but we started having trouble with ammonia stink in the morning & leakage. Nothing like starting my morning by dipping 2 hungry, cranky babies into the tub while the other two decide to make breakfast for everyone (OJ & cereal are not a good combination in my mind).

I felt guilty every time I put them in ‘sposies after everything I learned while looking into cloth diapers in the first place (did you know that every single diaper that has been thrown away is still in a landfill somewhere? They really take that long to break down). When Sweetbottoms offered to let me try out Kawaii Goodnight Heavy Wetters, I was ecstatic!  Since I have twins, they were even kind enough to let me have those 2 cute diapers pictures above (Blue & Green Animal Prints). I love the designs and I'm pretty picky. I find lots of cute ones for girls, but only really see Cameo and solids that I would put the boys in.  I love having them run around in their fluff, baby legs, and a t-shirt!

Kawaii insert vs standard microfiber

When I first received them, I could feel and see a difference in the inserts. Each diaper comes with 2 inserts and they are much softer, thicker, and fluffier than all of my other inserts. Even after prepping & several uses (I wash them almost every day to avoid spoises), they are still very fluffy and super absorbent.  You can see below that they are a little longer than my other inserts. Its hard to tell from the picture (I really need to take a photography class), but it is literally twice as thick as the others.  One alone works great for during the day or even during our 2 1/2 – 3 hour naps!  Two provide leak-proof protection all night long (and my guys love to sleep 12 hours every night)!  Can't wait until my order gets here so I don't have to wash them every day!

Twins posing in their new Kawaii Goodnights

Garrett loves to pose!  Gavin was pretty much ignoring me.

Kawaii Goodnight Heavy Wetters are a pocket diaper with a wide opening. Each one comes with 2 Extra-Large inserts that are a super absorbent microfiber and actually lay flat inside the diaper!  For daytime use, one works great.  For a leak-free night, use two!  The cover was specifically designed for nighttime protection, is 3 outer layers, and is made from TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) and is highly water-resistant, breathable, and very durable.  The inner layer is a very soft micro fleece, that helps pulls excess moisture away from baby's skin.  With three rows of snaps, these pockets are super easy to adjust and fit baby from 8-36 lbs!  (Just imagine what you would have spent on disposables during that range!)

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Sweetbottoms offers Kawaii Goodnight Heavy Wetters in several
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  1. I know little about cloth diapering, wanting to try it. This TPU material, is it plastic-y and noisy? I want to use something soft anf quiet, and I have no idea what to look for! Just started researching and don’t understand what the different materials will feel like. I don’t live in an area where I could go in person to shop and feel what I’m buying, will have to buy online. Do you have any links to explanations of the different materials or advice on whats best? 

    • I can look for a few links for you. TPU is a very thin, quiet material. It is waterproof so its some sort of plastic/vinyl, but it is in between other layers so you don’t feel it at all.

  2. I tried cloth diapering and Lo was having rashes with disposable diapered. We use these quilted zippered pajamas by babydeedee.com for quick winter changes and lo was fine.

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