Sponsor Spotlight: Rockin’ Green

I came across Rockin' Green while looking for ways to overcome that ammonia smell in cloth diapers that occurred with my homemade laundry soap. Rockin' Green was the detergent that came up over and over in conversations dealing with cloth diapers and ammonia or barnyard smells remaining in the diapers. It seemed to be the go-to for moms looking for a commercial, yet environmentally (and diaper) friendly detergent.

There's nothing worse than opening a diaper and being overwhelmed more from the ammonia stink than anything else that may be in the diaper!  That was one thing we dealt with.  I tried the Funk Rock and was amazed! Not only did Funk Rock pull the ammonia smell out of the diapers after I used it, it didn't come back ! When you have as many diapers as we have, it's extra important to keep the stink under control!

I also love that Rockin' Green Detergent comes in different formulas for different water conditions.  The first time, I tried the Classic Rock and was pleased with the results.  If it had been the formula they made, I would have been happy to continue using it. When I received my review product, I was given the Hard Rock formula.  It worked even better with our water than the Classic Rock.  If you are going to make the switch to Rockin' Green, I would recommend buying a sample of each to see which will work best in your home.


When I ran out of Rock' Green, I went back to All Free & Clear.  It was convenient and still on the “okay list” for cloth diapers because it is free of perfumes and dyes.  I found that I had to use more soap to get the diapers clean, but that also left me needing to do multiple rinses to get all of the soap residue out of the diapers.

I gave up on that and tried another detergent that is marketed as being great for cloth diapers, but found that it didn't clean the diapers well.  Even after multiple overnight soaks and washes, being careful to fully rinse the diapers, they were still overcome with the barnyard stink that can happen in cloth diapers.  And let me tell you, that's not a pleasant smell when you have to dry you diapers in the dryer!

I was just about ready to throw away my entire stash that was tainted by this point, but decided to order more Rockin' Green just to see if there was any saving my precious stash.  This time, I bought the Smashing Watermelons scent.  I started with Rock the Soak, where you fill your washer with warm water and 4 Tablespoons of Rockin' Green.  Then, add your diapers and leave them for an hour.  Once they have soaked, close the washer lid and continue the cycle as usual, including the second rinse. When I took the diapers out of the water, the smell of soiled diapers was GONE!  Rockin' Green had saved me from throwing out my diapers!  There really is nothing better than the smell of freshly washed fluff!

Buy It!
Rockin' Green offers 6 different scents for each of the 3 different formulas. Try a sample (2/4 loads) for only $0.85 or get 45/90 (regular/HE) for $15.95.

Win It!
Enter to win 6 samples of Rockin' Green (1 for each scent, your choice of formula), a scoop, and a bag of Funk Rock in my
“Green Baby Pack” during the 25 Crazy Dayz of Giveawayz!



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