Sponsor Spotlight: Mother-Ease

Being the mom of twins who are getting older, peeing more and getting into everything, including their diapers, I’m always on the look out for a high quality diaper that will be absorbent enough, will fit them properly, and that they can’t get out of in the seconds I turn away from them. When I was given a Sandys fitted diaper with unbleached cotton insert and Air Flow Cover to try from Motherease, I was hopeful that we had found diapers we could add to our stash – and I was right!


The Motherease Air Flow diaper covers were a bit different than the diapers and covers I was used to. These close on the side with you snapping the front over the back (I hope I'm explaining this well). I had not used this type of a side closure diaper before, only ones where the back snaps over the front. One benefit with the side closure is they are a bit harder for my little guys to pull open. While it seemed “backwards” to have to close the covers this way at first, I quickly got used to it. I liked that the covers fit well without being tight at the legs or waist. As much as I love cloth, if you don't get a good fit you end up with rub marks or those red pressure marks that say its too tight. These were easy to adjust and didn't leave any red marks on my little guys!

The Air Flow covers are made to be breathable, which is important because it reduces the likelihood of bacteria growing close to your little one’s skin. While they are designed to be used with the Motherease diapers, there is a compatibility chart on the Motherease site to show you which diapers the covers will work with. They are available in 6 eco prints and 3 solid colors.

To go with the Air Flow cover, we received the Sandys large fitted diaper. These are also side closure, but they are very easy to use. The diaper is made of a soft terry outer and inner with an extra layer of terry sewn inside for more absorbency. The elastic at the waist and thighs was secure enough to keep messes in without leaving marks on the boys’ skin.  During the day, the diaper was great on its own!  At night, it was amazing when combined with the insert!

Mother-ease has become a new member of our cloth diapering family after reviewing the product!  I have already ordered 3 more diapers, 2 have the bamboo inserts, and one more cover.  This will definitely be a go-to diaper for my heavy wetters at night!

Mother-ease also has great shipping prices! I only paid $3 to ship 3 diapers, 1 cover, and 3 inserts!

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Sandy's come in 4 different sizes: Newborn, Small, Large, and Toddler and start at $10.75!

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