Review: Beauty Box 5

I love trying new beauty products, but most of them end up in the cosmetic graveyard in my bathroom closet.  I want something that fits in with the other products I use, doesn't irritate my skin, and doesn't contain any nasty chemicals.  See how easy to please I am? You don't even want to see how many containers of makeup, skincare, and other beauty products are in there. (Note to self: THROW AWAY anything that makes your skin turn beet red immediately. You will forget and use it again in six months.)

I recently discovered a real solution to my problem. Beauty subscription boxes! Every company is different, but the general idea is this: Pay a monthly fee and receive a box every month with a bunch of different beauty products.  The size, quality, and brands differ but that's part of the fun!

Beauty Box 5 is designed to give you the opportunity to try new products before you spend your hard earned money on the full size product. Although I enjoy my BB5, I have to admit not all of the samples are large enough to me to know if I want to try the product.  I've had some one use samples for bath products and unless I really liked the scent, I'm probably not going to order the full-size product.  For the consumer, its great.  I get to try all these new products and always have something fun on hand, without a billion beauty containers sitting around.  For the small business providing samples, its probably not the best marketing strategy to provide samples that won't last for at least a few uses.  I've already ordered a few products based off the last three BB5 I've received and all were from larger sized samples.

Beauty Box 5 runs $12 a month, but your best bet is to order it for the whole year.  You can get 12 months for $100, saving you $44!

I was provided with one Beauty Box 5 free of charge in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and thoughts are my own.


  1. Sammy Heart says:

    This looks great for me being a beauty product crazy person.I will have to check it out,thanks.

  2. Wow!  I love Beauty Box 5!  They really have some nice products and it is the perfect way to try before you buy!

  3. I love all of these subscription boxes I’ve been seeing lately.  This one seems to be a pretty good deal, especially the yearly rate!  Who doesn’t love getting mail?

  4. I LOVE subscription boxes. The Beauty Box 5 comes in the PRETTIEST teal box & I really enjoy all the samples inside. It has helped me find a number of new, fabulous products.

  5. I love that you can save by subscribing all year!

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