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John Paul PetYou may have noticed that our pets are part of our family and I tend to spoil them almost as much as the human children, so I was absolutely ecstatic when John Paul Pet sent us their Grooming Pack, Awapoochi Shampoo & Conditioner, and a Tearless Puppy & Kitten Shampoo.

The Grooming Pack consists of their waterless foam shampoo, oatmeal conditional spray, and a custom grooming brush. My favorite product was by far the grooming brush.  With 2 cats & 2 dogs that need regular grooming, I like having something that works well for all four. Many dog brushes are too rough to go near the cats with. This brush works well for daily brushing and for helping to distribute the foam shampoo.

Our cats do a very good job keeping themselves groomed, but Cali went through a phase when she wouldn't groom her left side at all.  Because she is a long-haired calico, she quickly matted up and I had to spend more time than normal grooming her.  Not only did she need brushed, she needed a bath. Unfortunately she is not a fan of water at all! The waterless shampoo worked great.  I “petted” it onto her and then brushed her for a few minutes.  It dried quickly and left her smelling great.  It also works wonders between baths for Jinger (our Boxer/German Shepherd puppy), who seems to enjoy rolling around in the nastiest things she can find. A quick wipe-down on the porch, followed by a little foam shampoo, and she's good to come into the house without offending anyone's nose.

Neither of our dogs like me to bathe them, so that chore falls to my husband when he's home (okay, I just don't enjoy being sprayed with water when they shake off).  Normally, he takes them to the puppy wash, but I had to make him try out the Awapoochi shampoo & conditioner. Their coats both felt softer and had a health shine.  The fragrance wasn't overpowering, but pleasant and lasted longer for Jack (since he doesn't roll in gross things). Hubby prefers the pet wash, so we gifted the Awapoochi set to a friend with four dogs.  She was very pleased with the results.  I wasn't brave enough to try the tearless puppy & kitten shampoo, so my brother tried it on his puppy.  She smelled amazing and it didn't irritate her skin or eyes.

 For a complete overview of John Paul Pet products, please watch the video below.


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I was provided with John Paul Pet products free of charge in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and thoughts are my own. I apologize for the stock photos. My computer decided to go on strike & I have yet to figure out how to retrieve anything from it 🙁

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  1. I would love to try a shampoo that lasts longer than it takes to dry off. I haven’t had very good luck with them before. Adding this to my list of pet things to try on my furry friends.

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