I’m a Jerkaholic! @PerkyJerky Review

I was provided with Perky Jerky in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and thoughts are my own (with minimal input from my family members that didn't mind pigging out on MY jerky).

What can I say about Perky Jerky? It Tastes AMAZING! Perky Jerky tastes like a combination between peppered jerky and teriyaki. It starts off sweet, but has just a little bit of spice at the end. There was no chemical after taste, just jerky goodness. I really wish that Perky Jerky came in a nugget form, for those that have trouble chewing jerky, but it is much softer than traditional jerky.  Jerky is on the don't-eat list for those with TMJ, but it didn't really irritate my jaw at all.

My Dear Husband didn't even notice that the second jerky flavor was turkey until he saw the package.  I  try to sneak him turkey whenever I can so this will be another great beef substitute. I was willing to share with my husband, but I have to admit I was a little grumpy about sharing with my boys. Oh well, I guess when we order more Perky Jerky, we just need to take advantage of the Buy 4 Get 1 Free deal!

I think this will be a great snack to have on hand during long car rides. Its a great low fat, low carb, and low calorie snack food, plus it has the added benefit of being high in protein, making it great for those times when my blood sugar dips a little while I'm on the run. I love that it is lower in sodium than other jerky and has no MSG, too.


If this was one of our local brands, this would be the only brand we would buy. The Perky Jerky price is comparable to the jerky that I can purchase at any of my local stores. I am going to ask around to see if any of my local stores are going to be carrying it soon, I may just have to use my powers of persuasion.


Perky Jerky is not your typical jerky:

Perky Jerky is an all natural, ultra premium jerky that is unlike any other! It's made with a seven ingredient marinade, which includes Guarana, a little berry from the Amazon that is commonly found in energy drinks. Our fans (aka “Jerkaholics”) are addicted to the awesome flavor, the tender texture, and its healthy perks!

INGREDIENTS: Whole Slices of Beef, Soy Sauce, (water, wheat, soybeans, salt) Brown Sugar, Lemon Juice, Garlic Powder, Pepper, Guarana, Organic Worcestershire Sauce, (organic rice vinegar, organic wheat-free tamari soy sauce (water, organic soybeans, salt), organic evaporated cane syrup, salt, organic spices).

Not only is Perky Jerky an amazing food to eat, it's an amazing company to support. They donate a portion of their proceeds to support the fight against Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Down Syndrome.


Buy It

Perky Jerky & Turkey Perky Jerky are available in several different sizes, starting at $4.99. They also offer Perky Jerky gear.


Perky Jerky is giving one lucky reader an “Everyone Wants my Meat”  T-Shirt and a small bag of each: Perky Jerky and Turkey Perky Jerky.  To win, head over to the giveaway.  It ends September 17th at 11:59 pm EST.

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  1. My husband LOVES jerky – and peppered and Terriaki jerky is his favorite flavors – so I am interested in having him try it to see if he likes it…. I like that they help such great causes

  2. Too cute of a title!  And a great review!  My husband and son are huge fans of this jerky, but haven’t tried this brand yet, but after reading this I will get them some for sure! Thanks!

  3. tamatha hunter says:

    my hubby is the same way about turkey, so these sound great

  4. Cheryl Chervitz says:

    My husband loves jerky.  This sounds like it would be really good and healthy for you too.  I like the fact that it has 7 ingredients in the marinade.

  5. Laura Bradley says:

    my husband would love this!

  6. Carole Ingram says:

    Both my husband and I love beef jerky…he loves peppery jerky and I love Teriyaki…. if you say that it’s a little bit of both, then I must try this one!! 

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