10 Frugal Homeschool Storage Solutions

Frugal Homeschool Storage Solutions

One of the most common reasons I hear people say they can't homeschool is “We don't have a room for school.” A dedicated school room is great, but not necessary.  When we started homeschooling, the boys were split into two rooms, we had a toy room, and a media room.  Homeschooling was done at the dining table and our materials were stashed on a bookshelf and around the house. Since then, we've rearranged the house to have a BEDroom for all four boys, a family closet, a media room, and a school room.  This isn't an option for everyone and most people don't have a large budget to spend on some of those ridiculously expensive homeschool storage centers, so I thought I would share some great frugal homeschool storage solutions I've found. Too bad I didn't find most of them while I was randomly storing things around my house…

DIY Wood Crate Bookcase

Dedicated Homeschool Room with tons of ideas

Homeschool Hideaway Ideas

Dish Drainer Book Storage

Dual-Purpose Crate Seat

Travel-Friendly School in a Box

End of the Year Storage

Tips for Homeschooling in a Small House

Free Printable Curriculum Storage Labels

Upcycling for Storage


What are some of your favorite homeschool storage solutions?

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  1. We are in the process of selling and moving to a new home. Right now, we have a 9×9 room for 3 kids and myself – I am a homeschool support teacher. So it gets a bit cramped. I am starting to gather ideas for a newer, larger area to work in, so your list of storage ideas, etc will be most helpful. I am pinning!


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