Common Sense Essential Oil Blend Uses

Dealing with mind fog due to lack of sleep, too much stress, autoimmune disease, or chronic fatigue?  Try this Common Sense Essential Oil blend to help your mind stay clear and focus on the moment at hand! Learn which oils go into it and some of the uses for each one! Plus 10 reasons you need to start using essential oils today!
Common Sense Essential Oil Blend

Dealing with an autoimmune disease, sometimes I feel like my brain just won't fully engage. I catch myself typing the wrong words, skipping words, and unable to focus on one thing.  I call it my mind fog, because it feels like nothing is quite clear.  A friend that also uses Young Living essential oils & has an autoimmune disease asked if I had tried Common Sense yet.  I hadn't, but am so glad she mentioned it. The Common Sense essential oil blend was designed to enhance rational decision-making abilities leading to increased wellness, purpose, and abundance.  Sounds like something we could all benefit from right? I know I can!

If you watch the news, common sense is something our society seems to be lacking!  It's a common perception shared by many people that helps us make sound judgement calls, and helps us to perceive and understand the world around us.  Not to be confused with our conscience (the little voice that says that is WRONG and you know it), common sense helps us quickly make decisions as to whether its safe to cross the street and other basic decisions that aren't really up for debate.

What's in Common Sense?

  • Sandalwood: Used for meditation, focusing and calming of the mind
  • Ylang Ylang: Used to help relax and bring a sense of calm, eases tension and nervousness
  • Ocotea: Helps to alleviate irritations, clarify and purify the mind
  • Goldenrod: Used for its relaxing and calming qualities
  • RutaVaLa: Relaxes the mind and body, relieves stress and tension, helps to promote a positive attitude, and overcome negative feelings
  • Dorado Azul: Supports respiratory system, releases irritation, builds confidence, and heightens awareness
  • Lime: Encourages creativity, helps mental clarity and deep concentration

You never know you are going to need your common sense until you don't have it! Strange how that works. This is one essential oil blend that I recommend making into a roll-on and applying whenever you need a clear mind and calmness. Grab a roll-on bottle like these. It's important that you don't use a clear bottle, as light affects the effectiveness of essential oils (and herbs). Add two tablespoons of your favorite carrier oil and 10-15 drops of the Common Sense blend. Try fractionated coconut oil, hemp seed oil, jojoba oil, or sunflower oil with the Common Sense Essential Oil blend.

On days when you need to think clearly and deeply, break out your diffuser. You can diffuse 8-10 drops of Common Sense Essential Oil blend all on its own. For a bigger punch on a really big day, add in a few drops of Brain Power Essential Oil blend. These two work great together to give you a clear mind and help to make sound, rational decisions.

For more information on essential oil uses and benefits, check out all my other essential oil posts!

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