Beco Baby Carrier Review

When you have four men running your life, two of which are twin toddlers, life can get interesting at times, to say the least. To say I was excited to have the opportunity to try the Beco Butterfly 2 and Gemini baby carriers may be a bit of an understatement!

I have to admit that there is strategy involved when babywearing twins. First, Garrett goes on my back, using the Gemini carrier. Once I have him all settled, Gavin goes on my chest using the Butterfly 2. The Butterfly 2 just doesn't feel quite as secure on my back. Then again, before the Beco Baby Carriers, I had never worns the boys on my back, so it may be a personal preference situation. With that being said, I do look forward to being able to wear them on my back as they get bigger and want to run even more!

I tried Gavin on my back, but he hates it with a passion.  Of course, he waited until I got Garrett settled up front to start screaming bloody murder back there.  Luckily, it really doesn't take long at all to slip back out of the carriers. We don't do this around the house, it's just too much work and at almost 2, they're a bit big for it to be comfortable.  But when we go out, I am now in love with wearing them and keeping my hands free to chase after their brothers!  Even though winter is just starting, I'm looking forward to taking the boys mushroom hunting in the spring and all four will be able to have a good time thanks to the Beco Baby Carriers!

When I'm only wearing one of the twins, I prefer the Beco Gemini and I only front-wear him.  The Butterfly is just a bit more work, but I know it will get a lot of use whenever we are out and about because its so easy to transfer a baby/toddler from one person to another with it. No taking baby all the way out, taking the carrier off, waiting on someone to put it back on, and then putting baby back in. Because your little one is completely secure in the carrier itself, you just unsnap yourself and hand him (or her) off!

Beco also has a Mini Beco for children to carry their dolls in! Isn't this just adorable?

Here's what Beco says about each carrier:

Butterfly 2– Is a front and back carry carrier only. It comes complete with infant insert and sleepy hood so its gives parents a large weight span to carry their baby, 7-45lbs. Unique to only the Butterfly, is its y panel, which makes back carrying easier, transferring baby from mom to dad a ease without taking our your baby out of the carrier, amazing option if your little one is fast asleep. Checkout the video for a better visual of the inner panel in action, Also, a big difference in the way a parent moves baby from front carry to back carry position, the inner panel is somewhat of a security blanket that holds your baby in place better that just a direct contact carrier, check this one out .
Gemini– Is a little different, its a 4 position baby carrier, front facing in, front facing out, hip, and back carry. This carrier is designed for babies weighing 8-35lbs. This carrier is designed to not use a infant insert, by merely adjusting the body of the carrier from wide to narrow, your small baby sits perfect while their legs hang down and as you baby grows, you widen the body to support their legs and hug your body.

Disclaimer: We received 2 free Beco carriers in order to provide a complete review. All opinions are mine!


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