Bebe Bottom Skincare: Baby Fresh Cleanser Review

When we made the switch from disposable diapers to cloth diapers, it seem*ed strange to still be using disposable wipes. Not only did we then have the issue of not having something to wrap the soiled wipes in, but have you ever thrown a disposable diaper wipe in the dryer?  Let's just say it's NOT a pretty sight when they come out, and there has to be something magical in those things that make them a strange combination of fluffy and glued to everything in the dryer! But just using water with a washcloth didn't do the trick for cleaning the boys' dirty bums.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to try Bebe Bottom Skincare's Baby Fresh Cleanser. Instead of prepping cloth wipes and having them dry out or be a sopping wet mess while I'm trying to hold a squirmy baby, I can now just spray the solution on their backsides, count to 10 and wipe.  And I've learned that the boys think it's fun to sit there and count, even diaper changing time can be a learning experience!

I also LOVE the fact that Baby Fresh Cleanser is 88% organic! It seems like everything we come in contact with is filled with chemicals, and I didn't like the thought of putting those chemicals on such a sensitive area of my boys' skin. And while normal wipes clean, they don't always get rid of the bacteria, which can not only cause a residual odor but can also lead to diaper rash.

The only thing I can say “bad” about Baby Fresh Cleanser is that they didn't personally knock on my door when the boys were younger!  I love this diaper solution and wish I had known about it sooner!


Bring the Alphabeasts home for Christmas!

Right now, Bebe Bottom Skincare is offering a Buy One Get One Free sale through the end of the year!

I was provided  a complimentary bottle All opinions and thoughts are my own (well, the boys pitch in too). Since we received Flika, we have already ordered 3 additional Alphabests as well as the ABC book set.

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