30 Days of Freezer Cooking

30 Days Freezer Cooking

This month, I am going to be doing a LOT of freezer cooking and wanted to share some of my favorite tips & recipes with you. As a busy mom of four, the last thing I feel like doing some days (okay, most days) is hang out in the kitchen for an hour while playing referee or relying on the electronic babysitter (AKA the TV) to serve a meal.  We eat four times a day, so you can understand how an hour per meal would completely ruin my day!

Eating REAL meals is important to me, so I had to find an alternative to living in the kitchen.  After reading hundreds of time-saving tips, I discovered freezer cooking & weekly prep.  Now, I rarely make an individual recipe or chop up just enough produce for what I need right away.  Instead, I double or triple every recipe.  It only takes an extra couple minutes to assemble an extra lasagna instead of the extra 30 minutes if I did them at different times.  I buy onions, peppers, and other veggies in large quantities and chop/dice/slice them into freezer bags.  Instead of buying baby carrots, I buy large bags of full-sized ones & cut them into sticks myself.

Over the next month, I'll go into these & other tricks in detail and share some of our favorite recipes – like the crockpot applesauce we made & froze today!

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