10 Tips For Frugal Fun For Boys

Need to keep your boys busy but also keep cash in your pocket? Boys love to have fun and parents can feed that fun and still be frugal at the same time. Check out these 10 tips for frugal fun for boys!

10 Tips For Frugal Fun For Boys

#1. Mud- There is always fun to be had in the mud. When the weather gets nice outside, pour water on dirt and make some mud. Play fun games that challenge your boys, but also allow them to have fun.

#2. Play ball- You can pick up several balls at your local super mart or order a set from Amazon and have a “ball” with your boys. Playing ball is a very frugal way to have fun. Take turns coming up with different “ball” games.

#3. Block building- Most boys love anything that keeps their hands moving and their minds thinking. Blocks are a great way to challenge the mind. As your child gets older, you can get them into activities like K'Nex and LEGOs.

#4. Take a hike- Gather your boys and take a hike with them. There’s so much to do and see in the summer while walking trails and exploring nature. While on the nature hike, look for bugs and other types of wildlife. Check with your local DNR to ideas on new places to go!

#5. Picnic & Frisbee- It’s one thing to have a picnic, but when you have boys, you need to keep them extra entertained. Before and after the picnic, engage in a game of Frisbee.

#6. Bike around the block- When you are all out of ideas, getting everyone on their bike and biking around the block is a smart idea- get those little legs moving and grooving. This is a great time to bring up the importance of wearing a helmet while biking and chatting about other biking safety features.

#7. Catching fireflies- If you’re brave enough to stay up till dark, consider catching fireflies with your boys. You can also add a campfire into the mix and roast marshmallows and hotdogs. Have the boys help collect sticks and teach them about fire safety and when it’s appropriate to have a camp fire.

#8. Melt crayons- If it’s a super hot day and you’re looking for a science experiment to do with your boys, consider melting crayons. You can actually create some awesome artwork by melting old crayons in the sun. See who can be the most creative with this project. We also bought this nifty Crayon Maker to reuse our old crayons and make some fun colors.

#9. Sidewalk games- Boys love sidewalk games and chalk as much as girls do. Don’t be afraid to get out the sidewalk chalk and have an amazing time this summer. Four square, hopscotch, and artwork are just a few things you can do! This time of year, you can normally score a great deal on sidewalk chalk at a dollar store or Walmart!

#10. Make homemade ice cream or butter- Boys love seeing how things work! Try making your own homemade ice cream or butter. Take turns stirring and shaking to help get the ultimate product! My boys have been begging me to get these ice cream balls but we've been making ice cream in a bag instead.

Having fun doesn’t take a lot of money. Instead, it takes a lot of imagination and patience. Try any of these ten frugal activities with your boys to help them have fun and burn some of that extra energy boys always seem to have off!

What are some tips you have for frugal fun for boys?

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  1. Love the old-fashioned, down to earth, fun ideas for boys. Sharing 🙂

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