10 Simple Canning Recipes

Always wanted to try canning but get overwhelmed by all the complicated recipes you find on Pinterest? This list of classic and simple canning recipes is just the place to begin!   Enjoy the fruits of your labor year round when you create these delicious home canned recipes! 

Canning Recipes for classic home canning that are easy for anyone to follow! Check this out to begin your home canning journey!

If you have decided to start learning to can food this year, this list is a great place to begin.  Canning your own preserves, jams, jellies and even vegetables is a great way to save money and create beautiful food that will rival the best you have ever eaten.  Home canned food simply tastes better.  It may be the love of the food, or it could be the natural ingredients and lack of processing.  Whatever it is, enjoying some delicious home canned foods with these simple canning recipes is within your reach this year.

10 Simple Canning Recipes

These are some of the easier recipes to begin with.  Fruit jellies and jams are always an easy place to begin, and when you have an abundance of things like fresh peaches, jalapenos, tomatoes, and onions you'll love the results these recipes give you.

  1. Mandarin Orange Marmalade (Confessions of an Overworked Mom)
  2. Peach Cantaloupe Butter (Little House Living)
  3. Easy Applesauce Recipe (Family Frugal Fun)
  4. Canning Apricots (Simply Darrling)
  5. Raspberry Jalapeno Jam (Feeding Big)
  6. How to Can Salsa Tutorial (Who Needs A Cape)
  7. Strawberry Freezer Jam (Tammi Lee Tips)
  8. Watermelon Jam (Feels Like Home Blog)
  9. Blueberry Jam (Lexi’s Clean Kitchen)
  10. Mango Jam (Masala Herb)

These simple canning recipes are the perfect way to create a delicious homemade treat everyone will love.  With a great jam or jelly, you can easily put a label on a jar and gift these to friends and family.  They are special ways to share something delicious that you have made with the people you love.

I recommend getting a few basic tools for the job to get started.  While you can find many home canning projects that don't require a pressure cooker, I still recommend investing if you think this is something you'll be doing long term.

Home Canning Supply Suggestions: 

Invest in a great pressure cooker and use up all of the excess fruit you come across this year for these great canning recipes.  Jams, jellies, chutneys, and salsas are always easy and fun to make.  Get the whole family involved with the canning process, and you'll never turn back.

I love that home canning and these canning recipes are perfect for a fun family activity. Get the kids involved with helping wash the fruit, peel fruit, or even pack jars with fruit.  They will love that they are cooking and helping, and of course, being able to enjoy the fruits of their labor will be plenty of rewards.  These canning recipes and tips will help to make home canned foods a regular part of your family routine.

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